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                                               FULL OF HOT AIR ………

Just in time for the summer heat, AT&T kicked off the summer season in Los Angeles, California with
their new record for Largest inflatable pool toy. Taking the shape of a gigantic light blue swan, the
massive bird was created to kick off their annual summer pool party. Playfully nicknamed “Sally the
Swan” the huge bird overlooked the shores of Hermosa Beach in California,  

Measuring a massive 21.49 x 16.58 x 15.33 m (70.52 x 50.31 x 54.41 ft), both companies successfully
achieved a record title fit for the most exciting of pool parties.

Sally, which was displayed for three days for beach goers to admire, has been packaged up and shipped
to Miami, where she will make another appearance for the iHeart Summer '17 Weekend x AT&T.
                                               MORE HOT AIR ………….

A super-sized beach ball bounced its way into the record books today as Paramount
Pictures marked the London premiere of the new Baywatch movie, with a successful
attempt at the title for Largest inflatable beach ball.

Fitting the theme of the classic 1990s television series, which centers around California
lifeguards, the beach ball will be unveiled on the red carpet for fans to see.

Guidelines for the attempt stated that the ball must be made using the same materials of
a standard beach ball, and surpass the current record holder, which stood at 15.82 m
(51 ft 10 in) in diameter.

With a total diameter of 19.97 m (65 ft 5 in) the Baywatch beach ball, featuring a classic
red and blue striped exterior, impressively beat a record that has stood since 2012.